Experience beautiful Odda on foot, by bike or in a canoe!

Many nice trips in Odda

In addition to the fantastic Trolltunga, Odda can offer many exciting trips. Experience the valley of the waterfalls, with the twin waterfall Låtefoss as the star in the valley. Take the trip to Buerbreen in Buer. You can also climb mountains such as Rossnos, Eidesnuten, and Tokheimsnuten with the fantastic views.


Good fishing opportunities Try fishing in Sandvindsvatnet or the rivers around you too!


There are many nice bike rides in the area. Take the trip along the water towards Strand, or up Buerdalen towards the glacier.

Trolltunga ZIppen

Trolltunga Active invites you to hike with plenty of air, a big “wow” factor, and framed by a beautiful nature scenery. Welcome to try the new zipline Trolltunga Zippen! The hike starts by the Ringedalen dam in Skjeggedal. We


Follow Oddadalen and experience the valley of the waterfalls. A fantastic waterfall landscape, created by the glacier, between the Hardangervidda and Folgefonna national parks. On the way you pass Strandsfoss, Tjødnadalsfossen, Vidfoss, Hildalsfossen, Espelandsfossen and the most famous of the waterfalls, Låtefoss.

Experience Buerdalen, a beautiful, wild and lush valley between steep mountain sides. Follow the blue-green glacier river until you stand at the foot of a beautiful world of blue colors and majestic mountains at the end of the narrow Buerdalen.

Try canoeing on the idyllic Sandvinsvatnet. Here are many nice coves to paddle through. The trip has a panoramic view of Buerbreen in the west, Tjødnadalsfossen and Strandsfossen and Oddadalen which meanders south towards Seljestadfjellene and Røldal.

Norwegian Hydropower and Industrial City Museum

Experience the start of the Norwegian industrial adventure at the Norwegian Hydropower and Industrial City Museum. 20. April 1906, the company Tyssefaldene was founded at engineer Sam Eyde’s office in Kristiania.

The foundation of power development in Tyssedal was the water-rich waterfalls from the nearby mountain plateau on the Hardangervidda and the establishment of the power-intensive industry by the fjord. 15. In June 1906, Tyssefaldenes entered into an agreement for the delivery of 20,000 HP from 1. May 1908 and 30 years ahead of time to The Sun Gas Co. Ltd. and their carbide factory in Odda.